*Lie Detection-is the ability to sense if someone is lying.

  • Persuasion-is the ability to push thoughts into people's heads and twist their will.
  • Power Theft-is the ability to rob someone of their powers
  • Telekinesis-is the ability to manipulate,move and control objects with the mind.
  • Pyrokinesis-is the ability to manipulate and control fire.
  • Cryokinesis-is the ability to manipulate and control ice.
  • Terrakinesis-is the ability to all geo materials. E.G. Ink,Earth,Rock.
  • Hydrokinesis-is the ability to manipulate and transform into water
  • Electrokinesis-is the ability to manipulate and gernerate electricity.
  • Telepathy-is the ability to read a person's thoughts and push thoughts into someone's head.
  • Technopathy-is the ability to control and speak to machines.
  • Power Reproduction-is the ability to copy a person's powers by thinking about how that person made you feel.
  • Sirenship-is the ability to visualize sound waves as colorful light waves and manipulate these lights by combining them with a particular emotion.
  • Enhanced Hearing-is the ability to hear better than humanly possible.
  • Enhanced Strength-is the ability to be stronger than humanly possible.
  • Enhanced Speed-is the ability to run faster than humanly possible.
  • Shapeshifting-is the ability to change into anyone or anything.
  • Flight-is the ability to move through the air without a propulsion.
  • Time and Space Manipulation-is the ability to travel through time and space.
  • Plague Secretion-is the ability to emit a potent toxin that kills people within an unspecified-radious
  • Precognition-is the ability to preceive future events before they occur.
  • Rapid Cellular Regeneration-is the ability to regenerate damaged tissue,resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes.
  • Dream Manipulation-is the ability to manipulate and enter a person's dreams, similar to that of a spirit guide.
  • Radiation Generation-is the ability to radiate nuclear radiation energy.
  • Intangibility-is the ability to phase through walls and solid materials.
  • Invulnerability-is the ability to have impenetrable skin.
  • Mind Manipulation-is the ability to control a person's mind E.G. memory blocking,power blocking,ect.
  • Gravitational Manipulation-is the ability to change the pressure in gravity and to create vaccums similar to black holes.
  • Sound Manipulation-is the ability to send out sound wave through the processor's mouth
  • Fear Manipulation-is the ability to get stronger when people around you are afraid.(A form of Enhanced Strength.)
  • Material Absorption-is the ability to absorb and synthesize properties,mass and chemical makeup of an object with physical contact.E.G.touch a car and you're body turns into metal by absorbing it's properties,etc.
  • Power Duplication-is the ability to absorb peoples abilities one at a time by physical contact.
  • Aura Manipulation-is the ability to take on the emotions and feelings of someone and turn it into the processors own power.E.G.project shields,weapons,emit energy burst.(varies in color depending on the mood that's being manipulated;anger being red,sorrow being blue,love being pink.)

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